Pay Per Click


Having success in online commerce means mastering a number of marketing techniques. Paid search advertising is one of the most important of these techniques, and depending on your target audience, your most important. Here are just a few of the reasons that you need paid search advertising in your marketing repertoire.


Your online marketing campaign is a long term investment. You should definitely utilize techniques that are proven to work for you, but a successful campaign will invariably include tweaking these techniques to fit your individual audience and your market. In order to determine the best techniques to use and those you should scrap, pay per click is a great campaign starter.

During a PPC campaign, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of your campaign in real time. You can do it on a budget as well – PPC means that you set your limits. Many savvy companies will run multiple PPC campaigns alongside each other with a few variables tweaked to determine the best group of characteristics for your campaign.

Some of the characteristics that you will likely modify include placement, keywords and length of the advertisement, among many other things. One change will probably not bring you results – only the right mix. To this end, you want to be able to create and modify PPC campaigns quickly.

Trying to keep up with one PPC campaign is difficult enough, not to mention multiple campaigns. This is where a professional online marketing partner comes in quite handy.

As you are cultivating and perfecting the variables of your campaign, you also need an aspect of your campaign that is helping you to price out your market. Learning the nuances of the cost per click (CPC) metric alongside the rest of your online marketing techniques will help you to understand how much you need to spend in order to get the results that you are looking for.


There are many paid ad networks that you can partner with. However, the first network that most people use is Google AdWords. AdWords is the first party Google ad network that delivers ads across all Google pages and search results. Using an AdWords campaign, you can zero in on the keywords that are most relevant to your audience, place those ads strategically around the Internet and give you a reach that allows you to test your marketing theories within many niches.

Google controls around 90% of Internet search traffic. The AdWords network is the best wide net marketing network on the Internet. However, it is the best one to use?

Online marketing is becoming more niche oriented during every business cycle. Niche oriented ad Responsive image networks that serve content to smaller but more dedicated audiences may actually bring you better results over time. Part of figuring out your online strategy is determining the ad network that will deploy your ads; however, Google AdWords will usually be a substantial part of your campaign.o use?

In order to maximize your efficiency on Google AdWords, especially if you are using other ad networks, you need a professional online marketing partner that can organize your ads and analyze results quickly.


Search engine optimization is initially attractive to small and medium sized businesses because of the notion of getting “free” advertising. Many business proprietors think that with enough time and skill, I can create a viral online campaign that will convert customers without having to spend money. This may have worked 10 years ago when there were less companies online. Modern competition and the sheer volume of businesses online make this strategy impossible for all except those with dedicated SEO departments.

In many cases, paid search advertising is used to bolster an SEO campaign. Organic reach comes from having an audience that is actively seeking out your content. If people know your brand and look for it actively, then they will click on your content whether it shows up in organic search results or the Google paid search multiple PPC campaigns alongside each other with a few variables tweaked to determine the best group of characteristics for your campaign.

SEO is a difficult nut to crack, especially without a multimillion dollar budget. A more effective strategy is to run paid search marketing along your SEO efforts. The goal is to convert your paid advertising audience into an audience that will boost your organic search listings. However, this takes place over time.


Paid search also has the potential to lift other marketing strategies. For instance, if you have a podcast that is meant to serve as an inbound marketing strategy, you need to raise the initial value of that podcast. You can create the initial curiosity in your podcast through a paid search campaign. Instead of hoping that your content hits the right celebrity and goes viral, you have the immediate ability to put your podcast in front of your targeted audience, all at once, from the beginning of your campaign.

Paid search is also a great way to bolster a referral campaign. As you are trying to make connections within your industry, you need to keep a certain level of visibility on your brand.

This visibility, no matter where it comes from, alludes to success that will bring in more referrals. You will stay at the top of mind of your target audience, and those thoughts will eventually turn into conversions as long as you can stay visible.

Responsive image In short, paid advertising helps to create an initial engagement for your content that you will keep as long as you have quality material farther down the sales funnel. Your main job is to keep eyes on you consistently – this alone will set you apart from the rest of your competition
in the market.